Terms and Conditions

1. No ** ID ** no delivery OVER 18's **ONLY**

2. Minimum order is £15 on alcohol. excluding tobacco, soft drinks & products in our "extras" section. An additional delivery charge will be added to your order 

3. Our drivers will not deliver to any person anywhere other than at the residential address given when the order was placed.

4. Alcohol will only be delivered to the person who placed the order and whose name appears on the credit/debit card used.

5. Our delivery drivers may ask to take a photo of your ID for licensing reasons. If for whatever reason you disagree to this term we will refuse sale!

6. A strict ‘Think 25’ policy is operated which means that should our driver consider the recipient of a delivery of alcohol appears under 25 years of age recognized photographic identification will be requested before any liquor is handed over.

7. Acceptable proof of age shall include identification bearing the customers photograph, date of birth and integral holographic mark or security measure. Suitable means of identification would include PASS approved proof of age card, photo-card driving licence and passport.

8. Full address details, including postcode & phone number must be given when placing an order.

9. Delivery will also be refused if our driver believes that the alcohol is being purchased on behalf of another person who is not 18 years of age.

10. Customers are reminded that it is a criminal offence for a person under 18 to purchase or attempt to purchase alcohol and that it is also an offence to purchase alcohol on behalf of a person under 18.

11. No payment methods are available prior to delivery and full payment needs to be made with your delivery driver before the hand over of goods.

12. We reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol.

13. Delivery will be refused if the driver considers the person receiving the delivery to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

14. Offensive or abusive behavior to any of our staff will not be tolerated.

15. Please be aware, our drivers carry no cash or excess stock with them so when placing your order please ensure you have remembered to order everything you want.

16. Delivery is usually within 30 minutes, but please allow for busy periods where delivery may take longer.

17. ONLY one person should approach the delivery vehicle at any one time on the passenger side of the vehicle.

18. Delivery of alcohol & any other goods are delivered 24 hours a day, Only place your order if you are in the position to receive your order within 30 minutes of ordering.

19. We now accept cards as a mode of payment 

20. All of our products may exceed the recommended retail price (RRP). All of our pricing takes into account the higher costs of operating a home delivery service.